First of im gonna give you some of the bigger plot points so you can create a context for your characters:

  • It all will play out on the largest continent of morningstar called Milegra. A continent you are all quite used to. So i hope you remember most of the places and spots of interest around the continent. The location where this all is gonna start is on the rims of the entrance to the crystal desert at summer time.
  • Your group of adventurers have a quite long past, you are all from the same village. Even if you parted ways there you have meet up with eachother nummerous amount of times. So whatever drama you have in store will be dealt with accordingly to how you decided to shape the party.
  • Your past is somewhat tied to criminal acts. Meaning that we have a very special case of a ridan character here if there is any. This background also applies to cleric characters. I know its quite shady but when i narrate you in on the first session it will all be clear of why this has happened. Your past isnt very bright in other words, you have struggled and had a pretty hard time growing up.
  • At least 1 of the characters must be an orphan.
  • No major future plans, your characters pretty much live after the expression “live for another day”, remember this.

When it comes to your group this is what i would like to see:

  • A set of character that can make use of each others abilitys at a high advantage. Aka teamwork is essential and very imoprtant, a group that cant function as a group is gonna cause major plot problems. We are all friends here, lets not cause too much drama here.
  • As far as it goes a wide variety of classes and races. And im not sure at this point if i am going to allow race specific class aspects just so you know. More info on that will come later on when the campaign and system is getting closer to completion.
  • Leave weapon and armor choices out, you are actually not going to start with any equipment at all at the start here. So who ever plays the warrior do not need to worry about weapon choices exept for long or melee range skills. This also makes it hard to pick weapon specific masterys. Keep this in mind.

Those are the major character points i would like to see here. Then there are the a bit more specific background plots i would like to see behind each characters class and race choice, as far as it goes i would like to see every character pick at least 2 of these, try not the pick the same ones:











Shady contacts in the underground network:

Royal or noble contacts:

Born into royalty but unaware of it (resticted to orphan , max 1):

Murderer or witness to a murder:

Demonic Slumber